• Victor Oschi

    Victor Oschi

    Keen in crypto innovations and science in general. Please follow back as I follow you.

  • Punam Khosla

    Punam Khosla

  • Andréa Davis

    Andréa Davis

    Hi! I’m Andrea–it’s pronounced [On-dray-uh]–and I write historical fiction, biographies, memoir and travel logs.

  • Kaushik Trivedi

    Kaushik Trivedi

    A Reader, A Writer, life-long learner and an enthusiast about personal productivity, technology, books and mindfulness. Sharing experiences of the journey.

  • Symposium


    Unlock your true potential through personalized instruction. Get paid for your knowledge and experience.

  • Michelle Tuxford

    Michelle Tuxford

    is a writer and novelist. She’s not particularly successful in either field yet, but to her credit she keeps trying. @michelletuxf0rd

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