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  • Alison Schaffir

    Alison Schaffir

    Young Adult Author of YOUR DREAM FOR ME (March 2023) | Rep’d by Birch Literary | NYC-Based Social Media Strategist | Twitter: @ASchaffir

  • Lyuba Golovina

    Lyuba Golovina

    Russian Californian based in Barcelona • Professional Copywriter writing about self-improvement, marketing & personal growth • 2X Top Writer

  • Siddhanth Pachipala

    Siddhanth Pachipala

    Straddling the hyphen in Asian-American and picking apart that pesky organ caged in our head, all while putting pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard.

  • A Palace Of Ideas

    A Palace Of Ideas

    Writings on languages, literature, and life musings.

  • Nadine Wild

    Nadine Wild

    Building my dream life | Engineer, Musician, Writer

  • Dr. Roopleen

    Dr. Roopleen

    Founder www.drroopleen.com | Author | Blogger | I write about personal development, success and motivation

  • Michael Golden

    Michael Golden

  • Mitch


    Entrepreneur | Business Leader | Founder at ContinuSys, Master Mariner

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