Accountability Is Not What You Thought —3 Ingredients That Work

Your friend is not the best accountability partner, trust me


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“Knowing that someone is watching can be a powerful motivator. You are less likely to procrastinate or give up.” — James Clear, Atomic Habits

Are you struggling to stay on track with your writing goals? Do you find yourself doing a million other things — emails, admin, less important tasks?

It’s not your fault.

You’re probably working in a system without stakes.

Read on to find out why your old ways of creating “accountability” may have failed, and what to change.

How to get a healthy dose of accountability

Many writers find that just the right kind of accountability partner is hard to find.

  • Your friends are too nice — there are no stakes if you slack!
  • Your family has their own agenda of wanting to spend time with you.
  • Your writing group is busy getting their own work done, they can’t play your coach.

Instead, we’ve seen again and again how writers boost their motivation and speed up their writing when they find a professional — either a coach or program that is built around accountability.

Here’s how I integrate accountability in my 90-Day Writing Accelerator program for writers from Sept 25, 2023 (early bird discount 10% off by Sept 10).

1. Make Better Weekly Roadmaps

“I really needed the accountability and the weekly check-ins to properly plan my writing goals and keep on track.” Bhavisha Parmar, former client

One of the key pillars of our accountability system is our weekly live coaching calls where you plan and structure your writing goals for the week.

  • You only get to set 3 writing goals per week, and if you have 10 things on your list, we’ll remind you of your priorities.
  • If your goal is too ambitious or too small, we’ll tell you.
  • If you’ve crammed too much into evenings and are at risk of burnout, we’ll tell you.



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