Make July Your Most Productive Writing Month Yet!

Announcing the 30-Day Flow Finder program


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Are you ready to use the summer effectively to finish up your writing project?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably frustrated with your writing progress so far in 2023. You might be dreading the upcoming holidays, knowing that you will have little time and a mountain of work left unfinished.

I know how that feels. The dread of half-finished projects can create so much worry that it spoils family time and holiday excitement.


There’s still time to finish your book, chapter, article, or creative writing in before the summer is over!

So, let’s be brutally honest:

Are you letting July 2023 go to waste, or will you commit to writing first, and then take holiday time off guilt-free?

30-Day Flow Finder program for writers

In summer 2022, I learned a big lesson. I had thought I have all the time in the world to finish my book. But everyone else was on holiday. And the sun was out. And no one held me accountable. Guess what — I didn’t finish my book. And come Fall, I beat myself up about my lack of discipline.

I realised I needed a structure, accountability, and people around me to help me write regularly. That’s how Flow Finder was born.

To be clear: I’m only looking to work with people who are serious about dropping excuses in July and getting their writing done.

The 30-Day Flow Finder program (July 1–30, 2023) is the optimal framework to write a lot, fast.

It’s a framework of weekly coaching calls, co-writing sessions, daily progress tracking, and accountability within a vibrant community.

I’ve seen writers step out of procrastination into massive flow within just a few days thanks to the buzz and structure you’ll get.

What you can expect:

  • Strategy: In four live group coaching calls you will clarify your summer writing roadmap and apply new rituals to build your productive writing system (Fridays 2–3pm BST). We will also unblock you if you get stuck.



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