Learn to work with discomfort as a way of overcoming procrastination

Woman blowing colorful confetti out of her hands.
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My seven steps of healing and starting fresh.

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Find the right activities

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If you’re blocked, you’re not fully committed

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No commitment, no project

Take the right action for your problem

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How to diagnose your block

Four methods of thinking to accelerate your writing outputs

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Know yourself, then decide if you want to change

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Type 1: The Scheduler

How to find the right people to accelerate your writing outputs

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How to set boundaries and help your child to become independent

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The power of a completion mindset and wrap-up

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Janz Is Writing

I’m a full-time writer and coach who helps authors get unblocked and finish their project. Contact me for a free consult at janz.is.writing@gmail.com.

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